20 essential SEO tips for small businesses


Essential SEO tips for small businesses

  1. Create a unique title for EVERY page. Very important!
  2. Use a <title> tag of 512 pixels, that’s 50 – 60 characters to you and I. This includes spaces, commas and full stops etc.
  3. Use your exact keyword in your <h1> and <h2> tag. If you think your page is over optimised, include synonyms. e.g. essential seo tips can be important seo advice.
  4. If you choose to include meta keywords in your <head> tag, bots do not require a space after each comma.
  5. Group meta keywords into keyword phrases to utilise all the different varations. e.g. essential seo tips small business, will provide results for essential seo tips, essential business seo tips, small business seo and so on.
  6. Adding a number to your title can improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR). e.g. 5 things about [your keywords] on [yourdomain]
  7. Infographics are a great way to generate social media shares and backlinks, but add text content below them, as Google does not read the content in your images.
  8. Including keywords in your image <alt> tags. Write your alt text as though you are explaing what is in the image.
  9. Add Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to your content (related terms). This will help search engines understand your page. LSI keywords can be found at the bottom of any Google search page.
  10. Try using the exact keyword as the URL, for the keyword you want to rank for e.g. www.yourdomain.com/your-chosen-keyword/
  11. Focus your efforts on keyword frequency rather than keyword density. Use your target keyword a few times in your content.
  12. Use emotion in your titles to get users to click e.g. 5 great video marketing tips! is more clickable than 5 video marketing tips.
  13. Link your pages together. Internal links back and forth boost the ranking of your other posts.
  14. Post practical content. People are more likely to share and link to practical articles than opinion based articles.
  15. Make sure you have a Terms page and a Privacy Policy page. This separates you from the sort websites that don’t usually have terms pages.
  16. Keep your articles up-to-date. Show you care about your audience. Out of date posts will lose backlinks over time, when authors realise the articles have old content and broken links etc.
  17. Links and content are the two most important things Google’s algorithm.
  18. If you go up or drop down one or two places, it may have nothing to do with your SEO skills, it could be Google performing an A/B test.
  19. Share and promote your blog posts via social media.
  20. Create landing pages for all the major shopping days in your calendar. e.g. /christmas /black-friday / valentines-day

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