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What makes a website mobile friendly?

A mobile-friendly website needs to load and display quickly and correctly on a mobile device so visitors get the best user experience possible.

If you already have a website, take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your site is mobile-friendly.

If your site uses a content management system (CMS), check that the software or platform is up-to-date. A mobile-friendly theme, skin or template maybe available.

  • Ecommerce web design
mobile ecommerce web design

Mobile friendly website designers

Your website is a business asset. You need a mobile friendly website designer that understands your specific business objectives. Your site must increase sales, leads and give you a return on your investment (ROI). Although the look, speed and mobile friendliness is important, the content is extremely important. It is well worth considering hiring a copyrighter if your copyrighting skills aren’t up to scratch.


  • Professional quality images
  • Well written content

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are websites that change size and layout based on a user’s screen size. This ‘one site fits all’ solution eliminates the need for different websites for each new phone, tablet or other gadget that comes out. The design process requires a flexible grid able to resize based on the browser width, and is controlled by a cascading style sheet file (CSS). The CSS houses all the font, colour and layout information.

mobile friendly websites on all devices

Mobile friendly search engine results

Since 21st April 2015, Google has been ranking websites higher based on their mobile friendliness. The change affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide and has had a significant impact on search results. Consequently, if your audience is primarily mobile users, you need a responsive website optimised for these devices to stay at the top of page one on Google.

Mobile usability

Check the Mobile Usability report in Google’s Webmaster Tools and fix potential mobile issues shown.

Webmasters mobile guide

Read Google’s Webmasters Mobile Guide. The Mobile SEO section covers the three types of configurations for building mobile websites and common mobile mistakes, e.g. not having an alternative for Flash content, unplayable for most mobile devices.

Mobile friendly web

Mobile internet use is expected to account for as much as 36% of all internet traffic by 2016.

We can upgrade your existing site or build you a new mobile friendly website.

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